Head in the Clouds?

Head in the

We just went “cloud” at Kroma Marketing. That’s right – we are now cloud-based. No more hard drive headaches! We’re stream-lining and actually streaming more efficiently and cost-effectively.

I read an article today that struck a chord, “The New Cloud Stack: Here’s What the Company of the Future Looks Like” by Dan Lyons. In it, Lyons says companies need to learn to build a modern company, building it for the future and not being stuck in the past. He talked about the cloud stack—working in the cloud with whatever software will serve your company purposes.


Lyons stated, “If you’re trapped in Legacy Land, you need to get out. But how? If you’d like to read about one company’s journey from old to new, you can check out this case study from The Wall Street Journal about an old-guard tech company called Enterasys that made the transition to cloud-based software programs.” He also quotes Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, in a blog post titled, “The Rise of the Cloud Stack” and talks about how Oracle, who just announced cooperation with Salesforce and Netsuite, a company that’s nearly 40 years old, has finally recognized that the world is changing.

Levie basically talks about rebuilding your business around a stack of new software programs he calls the “new cloud stack” (others refer to it as the “new enterprise,” meaning it’s enterprise computing but you don’t have to run any of it yourself).

The New Cloud Stack

Some possibilities of a cloud stack, according to Levie:

Are you in the cloud yet? How’s it working? If not, what’s it going to take to get you there so you don’t get left on the ground?

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