Mulching a Business

Are you a mulcher, a weeder, or do you sheet your garden?  I said “sheet,” people!

Let me explain. There’s a method of gardening whereby one takes the easy route and just throws mulch down over the weeds. However, when the weeds start reaching their little ugly heads toward the sun (which they will), you’ve got thousands of little green sprouts you still have to pull! And it’s a mother if you have to pull them around roses!
If you just weed your garden without mulch, you’re just asking for trouble—you’ll have a garden of weeds in no time!

But if you take the time and lay out that black or brown plastic or paper (I feel like I’m in a grocery store all of a sudden), you won’t have squat! No weeds for miles, as long as that sheeting or fabric is down; no weed can get through. I love that stuff!

What is this, gardening 101? Yes, for businesses. Gardening is a lot like tending your business—you have to give it love or the weeds will take over. The weeds, my friend, are stronger, more prolific, and hardier in the drought. They’re like cockroaches—you can only kill them intentionally and with napalm!

  1. The weeds . . . I liken weeds to the ugly attitudes or the annoying habits in the office. Weeds can also be lack of care in terms of a client or not taking responsibility for a mistake. Weeds are anything that pop up and aren’t taken care of right away. That’s mistake #1.
  2. The landscaping fabric . . . I liken it to paying attention to details and being in the moment with your business and clientele. It’s taking time to focus on what’s most important – people. It’s taking responsibility for your actions whether you are a leader or an employee, and right away. It’s BEING PROACTIVE!

What’s in your business garden?

  • Little issues that seem to continue to annoy you and won’t go away no matter how much you ignore them.
  • A few bad attitudes around the office that aren’t being dealt with AND won’t go away no matter how much you ignore them.
  • An employee that just isn’t giving at least 100% like everyone else and gets away with it.
  • Clients who think you must grovel in the dirt in order to earn their business.
  • A technical issue you have ignored long enough!
  • Apathy.
  • Spinning wheels.
  • Lack of growth.
  • Etc.

They’re not going away. Do something about it!

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