The Passing of Traditional Marketing


TRADITIONAL MARKETING HAS A DEATH NOTE. It says, “You no longer run the game by demanding that businesses spend millions on advertising.”

THE GAME HAS CHANGED If you are throwing brand advertising at the masses and hoping something will stick, you are playing a game that is already over. Sure, multinational companies are still swinging for the fences that are no longer there, but they have millions to blow on creative ad campaigns, for now. And spending millions feels good. Seeing your billboard downtown or your commercial on TV seems like a strategic win. At least you are doing something, right?

If you think that throwing money at media is the only way to reach your prospects… IT’S NOT. Think about Jared Fogle, the Subway guy, who told a compelling story of how he lost so much weight, simply by eating Subway. During the duration of the Jared campaign, Subway sales more than doubled to $8.2 billion. His story was useful. It was inspiring. It was educational. It was not “brand advertising”. It was relational marketing – people could relate to Jared.

According to Amy Hall of Social Chorus, “Millennials are the most important consumer generation. They are the largest generation and have more combined purchasing power than any other generation. However, they are fundamentally different than previous generations, which is a challenge for brands that are trying to market to them. These digital natives grew up with technology, have fully embraced social media and are living in the age of connectivity. One of the most significant challenges that marketers face is the fact that millennials don’t trust brands’ advertising.”

So what are the practices that are dead and gone? Not all traditional marketing is but here is a list to place on a death note to traditional marketing – what to avoid:

  1. Big dollar traditional marketing – you’re throwing those dollars to the wind when the wind isn’t listening
  2. Ads in any form – Millennials aren’t paying attention – they skip the ads
  3. Any spamming in any form – again fishing for anything to bite but no takers – it’s wasted effort and wasted time

What other practices would you put on the “death note”?

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