The Wizard of Four “Ahhhhs”: LESSONS FROM THE WIZARD


Remember, as a kid, being scared out of your mind watching The Wizard of Oz – especially at the wizard’s big alien head or the witch’s face or those creepy flying monkeys? Most of the time I remember having both hands over my eyes and then separating my fingers so I could take a peek and then, yikes!

It’s funny looking back at what scared us so much when we were inexperienced. It all seems so juvenile and comedic that we would find it so scarey. But isn’t that what we do in our adult world when we aren’t familiar with how something works?

Case in point:  the universe of web and social media for marketing business.

Yes, we’re big talkers on the front end – “I’m not afraid of it,” and “Sure, we’re going to use social media as soon as I get the money and the time.” But the reality is, most of us are afraid of four things that keep us from jumping in:

  • being left behind and finding ourselves in a vortex of indecision
  • starting social media and looking stupid
  • spending the money and not getting ROI
  • getting so far away from what we know and not finding our way back home

1. We need courage – like the lion, if we don’t just get in there and try it, we will never know if we can do it. Worrying about being left behind is what we call insanity – doing the same thing and expecting different results


2. We need a brain – have you read some of the postings on your facebook and twitter? (some people need to be a little more concerned with what they say and how they appear!) It’s really a “no brainer” – if you are talking about your company and what’s happening and you’re concerned with helping people (content for free!) you are significant and relative to your audience. It’s the “advertising” that turn people off. Just be yourself, talk to the people, help them and interact – they’ll love it!


3. We need a heart – have you ever heard of the adage “you have to spend money to make money?” How can I say this . . . get your courage on and do it! You’ll never know how much of an impact it will have unless you try it. Spend the money to hire someone or better yet a company that can do it for you! It’s cheaper to hire a marketing company that can do it all (Kroma Marketing – sorry had to plug it) i.e. traditional-print, advertising, etc. as well as social-web, social outlets, etc. No hassel -No worries! They’re the experts.


4. We need a home – As long as you remember who you are, as a company, you will never lose your way back from venturing out into new territory! What is your product/service? What is your mission? What is your culture? What do you believe in? What do you want to accomplish for your customer/client base? Just continue those same things but in a new realm like social media.

So, click those heels three times and say “There’s no place like home.” Home IS where the heart is – if your heart is in it, you’ll make an impact, an impression, a contract, a sale . . .

What’s holding you back?

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