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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. The home page photo of a forest is a representation of the journey I am on at the present in the Ph.D. program in Communication from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as well as preparing for a future teaching position in communication in higher education. The body of knowledge I have is a rich “soil” of over 30 years of experience in teaching adult and traditional students in the field of communication as well as a wealth of experience in digital marketing. The forest of trees is and will be the result – the advancement of the study of communication through research, writing, and publication; the growth within students of the awareness and knowledge of the study and application of communication; the connections created with colleagues in an ongoing dialog of communication pioneering and propagation.

Some of the research I find interesting and have done some work in:

Family communication through political discord focusing on triggers through sign, symbol, and verbal “hot buttons”

Indirect communication with humans through various contexts i.e. facilitated learning, therapeutic, etc.

Rosie the Riveters in history, creating connections between family and the current times.

Ideographs creating emotional standoff i.e. the use of the American Flag in Hong Kong

Thank you for visiting!

Elizabeth (Beth) Rose, ABD

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